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To Fall and Fitz:

The birthday of one of my favourite writer’s, and the first day of my very favourite season were both yesterday.

Here’s to happy coincidences!  

And to Mr. F. Scott Fitzgerald. 

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To that one special friend…

I write often about the people in my life. 

That’s because I am truly blessed from every angle — amazing family, wonderful friends that are an extension of said family, and truly amazing colleagues that are placed around the world. 

I read a really beautiful article today at lunch about that one true friend we (as women) all have. The one that knows us better that anyone else, even more that our parents or siblings or lovers. The one friend that we can literally share our hearts and souls with and spill our inner most crazy (like really crazy) thoughts to. The one friend that is there through it all - life’s ups and downs, the celebrations, the happiness, the sadness, the chaotic, the joy, the sorrow, the wins, the losses,  the everything. 

And it got me thinking about my one true friend.

Although I’m currently 6,000 km from this one friend of mine, she never ceases to amaze me. It’s been an emo couple of weeks on my end — and she’s been the rock, the shoulder, the therapist and the late night ear I needed. Even more amazingly - she has just the right words to help alleviate the guilt one feels from devouring a pint of Ben & Jerry’s after an hour at the gym. True story. 

SP, I love you with all my heart and only hope that I am half the friend, half the caring sister you are to me. 

Love you always.

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Old dogs, new tricks.


"But this is how we’ve always done it."

I swear, if I hear this one more time, I’m gonna….

In all seriousness, I must hear this phrase uttered at least once a week.

And (in my humble opinion) if this is your personal or business philosophy you’re in trouble.

If something’s always been done one way, then all the more reason to try it a new way. Seriously. 

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I’ll take it rare.

You know those people you meet and just seem to connect with? Your energies jive, you inspire each other, your connection is magnetic, and you relish an evening just sitting and talking with them? 

Hold on to these people for they are very far and few between. 

True connection is rare. Honour it. 

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Nothing at all

Saw this quote today and it really truck a chord. 

"And the trouble is, if you don’t risk anything, you risk even more."

This is true in love and life.


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Make a wish, for all those that can’t

I decided a long time ago, that just because someone is no longer with us, doesn’t mean we don’t still celebrate them. That’s why, I’m wishing a Happy Birthday to my beautiful mom, who would have been (I’m sure) a stunning 57 today! Always in my thoughts. Always in my heart. xo

I hope you, too, choose to always celebrate the lovelies in your life.

Here, now, forever.

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True leaders “role” with it.


It amazes me how many people take the role of leadership for granted. So many feel it’s s position owed to them, like waiting in line for something. A leadership title is never something that should be given out with a number, like waiting in line at the deli.  Some people are built for the role, and others, not so much. 

I approach the role of leadership as something you have to work for, and once landed, you have to keep working, keep growing, keep learning, keep leading.  

True leaders inspire and motivate without saying a thing. They understand that actions do speak louder than words. They balance a creative approach with a strategic sensibility and believe in true collaboration, with all departments and people. Nothing inspires me more than someone in the role that truly deserves it. And knows it. 

I’m promoting (and ranting about) this topic after stumbling upon the following article on Harvard Business Review today - an excellent and simple deconstruction of the essential skills any true leader needs, now and always (note: NOW AND ALWAYS). 

I’m not saying I’m perfect. Heaven’s, we can always be learning, growing, building. But it’s nice to see articles like this one surfacing to drive home what (one thinks) should be common sense. 

Read up, lead on!

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Pick an address, any address

I love to travel.

The rush of a new experience, new things, new sights, new food. There’s nothing like exploring and falling in love with a new city…

And that’s why this quote really strikes a chord. How lovely it would be to have a little place to call home, in all the cities I truly love. 

I’ve just pondered my list, and it’s quite lengthy. Hmm, might have to add another “really” to that “ridiculously wealthy” line. Ha. 

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The week ‘Cannes’ do you good

Re-freshed. Re-inspired. Re-charged.

It’s amazing what a week in Cannes can do.

Besides the obvious (Croistette-galivanting with friends), I look forward to Cannes for many reasons: the seminars, the workshops, the work (of course) and the many new people there are to meet every year. There’s always a new Director, a new Producer, a new Creative Manager with a cool story to share. And then there’s the chance encounters that leave you speechless and in awe (aka the time I spoke to Sir John Hegarty at lunch). 

I truly love what I do. Always have. And I love that Cannes is also a great chance to share stories and gain perspective from one another. We might be a self indulgent industry when it comes to awards (so what), but (I also believe) we’re a really great group of smart people that love challenges, new experiences and I’m grateful every day for my job.

Move mountains? Sure. But I’d much prefer to help move businesses with creativity.


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Get your Friday on…

It’s Friday!And what a week it’s been. Work, work, work.

Looking forward to recharging this weekend, and filling my soul with rest, creativity and inspiration.

They say what you put in is in direct proportion to what comes out.

I’ve got a book, brunch, a museum visit, a hike and a night at the opera all lined up.

In other words, time to binge!

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A wise woman once said…


RIP, Maya. Thank you for your generous thoughts and open soul. Your words have greatly touched me. Especially the ones above.

You taught me to spread the light, spread the love, spread the laughter.

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I ain’t no hollerback girl. Er, wait. Yes, yes I am.


When you live far away from your family and most of your good friends, you reply a lot on good ole technology to get you by. It’s why most nights I have a hard time getting to bed before 1am…I blame…oh hell, I blame no one but myself. Except maybe my fingers. They’ve learned to type at ridiculous speeds and most evenings, the convos’s get so good/funny/touching, I lose track of the time.

Don’t get me wrong, living in a new city and having the fortune of discovering many others has its definite perks that surround most of your days with infinite gratitude. Top that with the self pride one feels everyday for taking the scary plunge to have moved in the first place and there you go…but then again, some days you just can’t help but miss the loved ones and the comforts of back home.

Which led me to realize that long distance relationships of all kinds are had by people like myself everyday. Lovers missing lovers, siblings longing for their older/younger counter part, and even BFF’s (the family we make for ourselves), wishing their goofy clone was nearby, etc.

And while I completely believe that the saying is true — “the most exciting, challenging, and significant relationship of all, is the one you have with yourself” (made all too famous by SATC), it’s nice to finally realize that another saying is also every true: “I carry your heart. I carry it in my heart’.

And I have to say, it’s even nicer when you realize that those special few carry yours right on back.

Thanks, loves.

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Get ‘er done.


I’ve discovered that blogging is a lot like working out. You go crazy at for a few weeks, even months, pouring everything you’ve got into it and then, boom, you work late one night, or decide to you go out for drinks or take a break and somehow fall off the cart. 

It’s all about momentum. And discipline.And planning.

Note to self: schedule in time to keep ‘er (the blog) going.